Texas Concealed Carry on Campus

The new concealed carry on campus is still a year away.  While the law was enacted in 2015, it will not go into effect until 2016 (for Universities) and 2017 for (junior colleges).    To make it worse; nether will go into effect until August of that respective year.

As for now, you can continue to carry concealed onto campus as long as you do not go into any of the buildings or enter into a sporting event that requires you to pay (or other limited access)…. i.e. Baseball, football, etc.

One thought on “Texas Concealed Carry on Campus”

  1. Can you carry a handgun on a college campus in Texas if you have a license? The answer is: Maybe not.

    First: Only part of the law has gone into affect – the part where you can carry on the campus of a Public College/University that is a “4 year institution”.

    Second: Junior colleges (Public only) will become legal in 2017.

    Third: might be a problem with Joint High school/college studies…. but no test of that idea as of yet.

    Fourth: Liberals will fight it tooth and nail. They will cause problems when and where they can.

    Fifth: Martyrs. Martyrs are those liberals that will help the liberal agenda by using firearms to injure or kill others to “Prove their Point”.

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