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Liberal Bias at it’s best

Recently a young lady asked me to answer some questions about Concealed Carry on Campus. She told me that several other instructors would not give her any responses for her Thesis. Now that she has completed her thesis, it is clear as to why other instructors would not help her. The bias is…. laughable.

1), she asked me 6 questions about CCW on Campus… and after mentioning in her thesis that I “was an incredibly helpful interview source that was very open to any questions and thoughts [she] wanted to discuss, which helped [her] immensely”. She made no effort to address any of my responses.

2). She asked me 6 separate questions about how I felt concerning the new laws for concealed carry on campus, but only mentioned in her thesis that there were 4 questions. The 4 questions that were dedicated to making people think that everyone was opposed to the idea.

3). She stated that the VPC (Violence Police Center) was, “While the Violence Policy Center is a left-leaning organization, their political association does not discredit this source because the VPC’s approach is accurate research on gun violence and mass shootings, which stands valid no matter the political affiliation.” However, the VPC is clouded by the fact that the VPC actually admits in its own Publication that what it believes is fact is clouded by the fact that they don’t have all the facts.  (if you are wondering what this actually means – The VPC says that everyone that legally has a firearm has a license to carry concealed…. when a State denies this, the VPC tells the State to show them the proof by releasing a list of all licensees within the state.  Because of the Tiahrt Amendment, this is not legal.  Therefore, the VPC says that if the State refuses to provide proof that the VPC’s information is false, then it is “True”.)

3a) She pointed out that “A recent study of news reports by the Violence Policy Center found that, during the period May 2007 through October 2009, concealed carry permit holders killed eight law enforcement officers and 77 private citizens…In addition, permit holders committed at least eight mass shootings”. The problem here is that the VPC also admits that they are prohibited from getting information about whether or not a person actually has a License. This would mean that they “Assume” that someone that has a gun also has a license to carry concealed. The only problem with that argument is that the prohibition on disclosing of the license holder fact goes away if the licensee is convicted of a violent crime and loses their license because of it.  (if you are confused here, let me point out that Liberals win every argument they have by simply being on both sides of the argument.  They can “assume” that someone has a license because the State refuses to provide proof that they do not…. but the State will provide proof that one was revoked so that argument is now moot… but the liberal group will not post that fact because it does not exist.  Therefore they can effectively remain on both sides of the argument.)


3b). The VPC also fails to point out that any death that is caused by a license holder irrespective of how (Gun, Motor Vehicle, Knife, Fire, etc) is not disclosed. Therefore, if a legal gun owner were to have a stroke, drive off the road, and kill someone, then the VPC “Assumes” they were licensed to carry concealed, and that the licensee had killed as a result of having that “Presumed” license. Therefore, the fact that the VPC ‘s Facts are, in fact, “Clouded”, would make the premise of her argument invalid and false. (One, not so clear example, was Nadal Malik Hasan.   The VPC has this individual listed as a “Mass Murderer that was Licensed to Carry a Concealed Handgun In the State of Texas”.   However, Nadal had only taken the CHL training class the Thursday prior to the mass shooting and had not submitted his paperwork at that time.  Therefore, the VPC assumes that he would have received his license and was then “Licensed”.  Another example of how the VPC’s facts are a bit confused.)

Elia’s Thesis – Final Submission

My original response to her questions (Thank you so much for asking me) – none of which where addressed in the thesis.