In January 2016, the Department of Public Safety’s Regulatory Service Division (RSD) adopted the CHL-100 with Revision date (12/2015). This is the most current, acceptable form for students who apply for a License to Carry (LTC) to show classroom training and handgun proficiency.


Beginning March 1, 2017, students attending a LTC Handgun Proficiency Course and applying for a LTC must submit a CHL-100 with Revision date 12/2015. If a student applies for a LTC with a form that is received for a course that took place after March 1, 2017, and that CHL-100 is on a form older than 12/2015, then that student’s application will be rejected for an invalid CHL-100 and they will be directed to obtain a current form from their instructor.


The form may be obtained here:


The same rules that applied to previous forms, apply to the current form as well.


Texas Department of Public Safety

Regulatory Services Division

License to Carry

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