Campus Carry and Texas

Premise for LTC on Campus Debate:
1. Most license to carry individuals have never tested with the handgun they carry for self-defense.
a. Use the firearm at the school where they take the test
b. Rent a firearm because they have not purchased one as of yet
c. Don’t want the responsibility (or don’t know how) to clean the one they have.
2. Most license to carry individuals do not carry a handgun appropriate for the need of self-defense.
a. “Pea-shooters” are easier to conceal but are very inaccurate.
b. Some Pistols fire rifle ammunition
c. Derringers will only fire one or two rounds and are often inaccurate.
d. Single action “Cowboy” pistols
i. .22 cal or .45 cal
3. Concealed Carry does not require any special restrictions.
a. NO:Specific caliber required
i. Defensive
ii. Target
iii. Expanding
iv. Fragmenting
b. NO:Specific ammo required
i. Pistol ammo
ii. Rifle ammo
iii. +P
iv. +P+
c. NO:Specific safety device – holster required
i. Safety release
ii. Level I, II, III, IV
d. NO:Specific type of handgun required
i. Semi
ii. Revolver
iii. Derringer
iv. Hybrid
e. NO:Number, type, manufacture required
i. Any number of firearms as long as they are concealed
ii. Any size that can be concealed.
4. Open Carry Requirements:
a. Must have a proper shoulder holster
b. Must have a proper belt holster
c. Drop-down holsters are not acceptable
d. Easy to see the firearm, ammunition
5. State Requirements for Law Enforcement to carry a handgun
a. Carry only a handgun with the serial number officer is tested with.
b. Test before a license tester with 50 rounds each year (5 duty rounds)
c. Must carry in approved holster
d. Must only carry approved ammunition
6. Penal Code 46.03 was set in 1973 (brought forward and updated from VAATCS)
7. Government Code 411 (H) 1993 – allowed for carry by non-law enforcement.
8. Paradigm in America set that there are only two types of people that carry a handgun into public;
a. Law Enforcement
b. Criminals
9. Penal Code 46.035 set to prevent GC 411(H) from over ruling PC 46.03 in some places.
10. There is no Fed/State Law that prohibits a school from allowing a handgun on campus.
11. PC 46.03 makes it a felony to “Violate the schools policy on carrying a gun on campus” or fail to get permission.
12. Gun Free School Zone Act prohibits an illegal gun from being on campus (Duh!)
13. Education Code prohibits a handgun “In accordance with PC46.03”
14. Original understanding was that use of ranges on schools would be closely monitored.
15. Can you say “R.O.T.C”?
16. Schools devolved in 70’s into total any war propagation fields.
17. 1980’s firearms were no longer allowed on campus by general consensus.
18. 1993, GC411(H) allows 21 year olds (upperclassmen) to be licensed.
19. Late 90’s request to carry on campus denied without explanation.
20. After 09/11/2001 (Twin Towers) Students began requesting permission of policy to carry on campus. Request denied.
21. Continued request offered reasonable explanation for need – Request denied.
22. Students requested discussion – educational institutions took a standard, “NO, because we said so” (Parent/Child Relationship with students)
23. Frustrated students went to legislature – overwhelming defeat.
24. Return to legislature with more favorable results but still defeated.
25. Violence on Campus increases around U.S. and more reasons are presented to legislature.
26. Concealed carry on campus passes but is limited.
27. Legislature sends message to educational institutions say, “Yes, they can. Because we said so.”
28. Professors are angry over Campus Carry and file suit.
29. News reports show angry professors on campus and videos of licensees carrying openly at an unknown location (Giving false impression that they are on campus).
30. Court denies professors argument and they appeal.
31. News stations continue to show license holders carrying handgun openly and false impression that this is on campus.
32. If institutions had dealt with the issue on a mature (adult/adult) level, there would have never been an argument.
33. It is perfectly legal to carry a handgun on campus (open or concealed) if you have written permission or they have a written policy allowing this.
34. Campus can set any level of policy they wish (Including penalties for violation of the policy).

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