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Why We're Losing Liberty

New Release! -> Why We're Losing LibertyWas the Constitution written in a way that was designed to protect freedom and limit the government's size? Has it been effective in doing that? And what's the Supreme Court's record when it comes to protecting our rights? Robert George, Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, answers these questions and more.

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Reserve Militia Texas

Texas Gov Code. Sec. 431.001.  DEFINITIONS.  In this chapter:

(1)  “Reserve militia” means the persons liable to serve, but not serving, in the state military forces.

(2)  “State militia” means the state military forces and the reserve militia.



Sec. 431.071.  MILITARY DUTY.  (a)  The reserve militia is not subject to active military duty, except that the governor may call into service the portion of the reserve militia needed for the period required in case of war, insurrection, invasion or prevention of invasion, suppression of riot, tumult, or breach of peace or to aid civil officers to execute law or serve process.

(b)  The governor may assign members of the reserve militia who are called into service to existing organizations of the state military forces or organize them as circumstances require.

Sec. 431.073.  DRAFT.  (a)  The governor, by order to the county emergency board, shall apportion the number of members of the reserve militia called into service among the counties by draft according to each county’s population or by other means the governor directs.  The county emergency board shall establish fair and equitable procedures for selection of persons to fill the draft according to regulations adopted by the governor.  On completion of the selection, the board shall deliver a list of the persons selected to the governor and notify each person selected of the time and place to appear and report.

(b)  A member of the reserve militia while in active service is a member of the state military forces under Section 432.001(16), and is subject to the punitive provisions of Chapter 432.  A member who does not appear at the time and place designated by the county emergency board shall be punished as a court-martial directs.

Sec. 431.074.  PENALTY.  (a)  A member of a county emergency board who neglects or refuses to perform a duty required by this subchapter commits an offense.

(b)  An offense under this section is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 and confinement in jail for not less than six nor more than 12 months.

Sec. 431.115.  STATE OF INSURRECTION.  The governor by proclamation may declare any portion of the state where state military forces are serving in aid of the civil authority to be in a state of insurrection, if the governor determines that law and order will be promoted by the declaration.

Sec. 437.302.  COMPOSITION.  (a)  The Texas State Guard is composed of units the governor, or adjutant general if delegated the authority, considers advisable.

(b)  To serve in the Texas State Guard, a person:

(1)  must be a resident of this state for at least 180 days;

(2)  must be a citizen of the United States or a person who has been lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence under the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. Section 1101 et seq.);

(3)  subject to Subsection (c), must be at least 18 years of age and not older than 70 years of age;

(4)  must undergo a criminal history check; (May complete the License to Carry Free of Charge.)

(5)  must not be a registered sex offender; and

(6)  must be acceptable to and approved by the governor or adjutant general under the governor’s direction.

(c)  The adjutant general may adopt a policy regarding waiver of the maximum age requirement under Subsection (b)(3)






In January 2016, the Department of Public Safety’s Regulatory Service Division (RSD) adopted the CHL-100 with Revision date (12/2015). This is the most current, acceptable form for students who apply for a License to Carry (LTC) to show classroom training and handgun proficiency.


Beginning March 1, 2017, students attending a LTC Handgun Proficiency Course and applying for a LTC must submit a CHL-100 with Revision date 12/2015. If a student applies for a LTC with a form that is received for a course that took place after March 1, 2017, and that CHL-100 is on a form older than 12/2015, then that student’s application will be rejected for an invalid CHL-100 and they will be directed to obtain a current form from their instructor.


The form may be obtained here:



The same rules that applied to previous forms, apply to the current form as well.


Texas Department of Public Safety

Regulatory Services Division

License to Carry

Yea though I walk through the valley…

Many years ago I went camping with a youth group from the Skyline Baptist Church in El Paso, TX. As night grew near, the youth began to dig holes in the sand to sleep. I warned them not to sleep in the holes because the walls might collapses but they dismissed me as a bother.

I put my tent up under a small bush on the solid ground between the sand dunes. When I put my head down to sleep in my tent the ground was as solid as a rock. I looked up and said a prayer, “Lord, watch over me and keep me safe.”

The next morning I awoke and it was a beautiful day. The sky was bluer than ever before. The air was fresher than I have ever breathed. The temperature was perfect and I had slept like a baby all night long. It was wonderful. I bowed my head and said, “Thank you, Lord.”

Then I saw one of the youth sitting at the far side of the camp and decided to go and say, “Good Morning”. When I spoke, she turned and looked at me with total despair. Her mascara was running down her cheek with her tears. She was covered with a blanket that was completely soaked with water.

She told me a story about the night – it was HELL. The winds blew violently, the lightening flashed, the thunder roared, the rains fell. The walls of their holes had fallen in on them and one of the boys had been buried alive. She told me that all the youth screamed and called my name throughout the night but the rushing water was so violent that their voices were carried away. They tried to reach me but the water was too deep.   The lightning struck all around and there was no place for them to hide.
The youth director (and several of the youth) carried the young man that had been buried alive to the car and drove him to the hospital. Some of the youth stayed behind so they could show the responding rescuers where I had been (they could search for my body). It was a nightmare that they would never forget.

As she told the story of a night from Hell, I turned and looked at my tent; it was still standing the way that I had pitched it the night before. It was dry. There was no damage. The tent was dry.  I had never heard a word; a sound.

Then I turned to the youth and said, “On Christ, the Solid Rock, I stand….. all other ground is sinking sand”.

No one from that church has ever spoken to me again (that was 1977).

Zombie Apocalypse

When Obama first took office… the first thing he did was to replace the director of the CDC1… that director recalled all of the vaccines for the flu at that time2…. then they introduced a new vaccine that was more than 2 years too soon…. None of the Congress or Military was required to take the update because the original vaccine was considered, “acceptable”….. Soldiers that refuse to re-enlist are given their flu shot before being released…. then they forced thru ObamaCare….

Think about that for while! It takes about 3 to 6 years for the AIDS virus to take hold. There is no known cure, but government has special/expensive drugs that will help you live longer. The only way you can get the medicine is to vote for those in power that can “Make it Available”… for a price (Loyalty)…. You will have to segregate the inflicted…. If they bite you, you will become one of them (Zombies)…  Can you name one dictator in the last 100 years that killed most of his populous to get their loyalty?

There are currently more cases of HIV in America than when GW Bush was president3…. the number of infected are about 3 times what was once considered “Apocalyptically Epidemic”….. there is no media coverage of this runaway condition…. the drugs are becoming more costly then ever…. Government is now attacking the drug manufacturers to make all the scientist/manufacturers criminals (Control)…. U.N. and U.S. military are training in Texas to set up camps for Zombies (said laughingly as if it is just for training purposes)….

January 2016 had several commercials for “HIV can be Prevented”, but those companies were told to stop, their commercials have been pulled, and some of the manufactures that produced them are now being audited by the IRS……..

Recently, Fox News announced that “Scientist” have now started to talk about a cure for HIV is only three years away3.

THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS REAL…. COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU….. and could probably help Hillary get elected to the Whitehouse…… because Donald J. Trump will only want to fix the problem by taking all the infected out and send them to Mexico or Canada for healthcare


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