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The new Excel program for completing the LTC-100 and CHL-8 is now available.

• Changed the Font so the SCFH CHL-100 appears more appropriately matched to the Official Texas DPS LTC-100
• More accurately matched every form so that they all print the same. The old program had a few minor glitches that made some forms print differently. While this did not create a problem for the instructor of the State, it did distract from the professionalism of the program.
• Changed the State Seal on the form to black and white and more closely matched to the Official Texas DPS LTC-100
• Rearranged the signature lines so that they are no longer connected across the page but more accurately matched to the Texas DPS form
• Changed the Excel workbook so that the first 17 pages are the first 16 students and the LTC-8 respectively. This way the instructor can choose to print the “Entire Workbook” and then choose either the number of students that are present, or choose the first 17 pages to print. This would print the 16 students plus the LTC-8
• Instructors may choose to save each student LTC-100 individually in PDF form and email them to the student. This saves paper and time.

$50     –  Two methods of payment below.

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Thomas E. Harkness, Sr.
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